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Post by Demonicus on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:43 pm

Game Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/248286
Game State: Alpha
Genre: RPG/Base Defense

Game Story Info: Your planet has been devastated by a war between three hostile factions. Under the command of Captain Reznor, the remaining survivors of the war establish an outpost in the Evergreen Forest to defend against the attacks of their enemies. After being rescued by Reznors men in the Dead Wastelands, you were taken to the medical lab to recover from your injuries. The voice of a mysterious being calls out to you in your dreams. You awaken from your rest, and find out that the outpost will soon run out of supplies and they will need your help. Do you have what it takes to become the next Legend of the Void?

Other Game Info:
1-3 Player RPG
Maximum level: 50
11 Heroes To Choose From
Save Your Heroes
321+ Equippable Items
36 Outpost Missions
Defend The Outpost
Defeat all Bosses
Battle Champions of the Arena
HOTS/LOTV Required to Play

You and your allies must help the Outpost fight back the forces of evil that has destroyed this planet. Complete all missions, defend the outpost and defeat all enemy bosses to save them from destruction.

Choose between 11 different current heroes. You can be either Tank, DPS or a Healer class.  You can only currently play with a max of 3 players but will soon be set back to 4. Each Area has its own boss and a few missions you must eliminate to advance to the next area. There is currently 321 pieces of gear, but will soon be increased heavily with a new Rare/Epic item system added. There is also an Arena where you can face a different set of bosses and even PVP other players. Much more updates to the arena including better loot and more bosses to come. All Heroes save automatically and can be loaded at any time with the Hero Reselection Portal.

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