Legends of the Void 1.12-1.13

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Legends of the Void 1.12-1.13 Empty Legends of the Void 1.12-1.13

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:39 am

Fixed Arena Cam bug for P2-P3
Updates to some Critter damage
Fixed Cancel button for Advanced Marine skill learning
Dark Hybrid - Dark Consumption now can target area and not unit
Fixed item desc for Dark Force Pendant
Fixed Armor bug with Shadow Brood Leggings
Fixed Shadow Spore tint color for levels 2-5
Added energy to all enemy units
Fixed some abilities that were hurting summoned units
Fixed some bugs with Arena Fights not working
(Medical Engineer) Hellfire Missile Barrage has been replace with Kinetic Rip
**(Ash Templar) Mass Summon bug fixed cannot Summon Outpost Npcs
Updated Ability Wraith Interceptor (Medical Engineer)

Fixed Hero Ability Descriptions on 1st loading screen
Added some helpful info for loading
Updates to Enemy Boss abilities
Added some shop text tags
Fixed bug with Comic Eruption
Updated Mirror Phase
Fixed some Cinematic bugs with 1st cutscene
Nerfed damage from Enemy Thors (no more double damage)
Scaled summoned units life down some
Veteran Commando can no longer be stunned during Defensive Matrix Field
Force Knight can no longer be stunned during Psionic Shift

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