Legends of the Void v1.0-1.3 updates

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Legends of the Void v1.0-1.3 updates Empty Legends of the Void v1.0-1.3 updates

Post by Demonicus on Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:28 am

Minor updates to Hard Mode
Some Arena Boss updates
Updates to Critical Strike (bug fixed)
Arena Boss Updates
Fixes to Protoss Gear Bug
Adjustments to Boss Exp
Adjustments to Boss and Hostile Units Damage (decreased)
Fixed Equip Item bugs on certain Heroes
Fixed Rogue Barracks Mission bug
Fixed P2 Health Bar overlapping P1
Fixed Hero Descriptions overlapping for P2
Fixed bug with damage on Shadow Blast (Swarm Queen)
Added Hero Lockers (temporary storage)
Added Small Armor Bonus to level 1 Heroes
Added New Terrain Updates
Recent adjustments to difficulty levels

Various Arena Bug fixes

Minor updates to Enemy Structures
Some image updates

Fixed Mercenary Elite Hunt Boss Spawns
Lowered damage of Lyotes in Dead Wastelands
Updates to 1st Mission (bugging out)
Some Bug fixes to Cutscenes showing wrong Units
Some button description fixes
A few ability description updates
Fixed Shield Boosters work during attacks
Fixed bug with Critical Strike (not accurate)

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