Legends of the Void v1.4-1.8

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Legends of the Void v1.4-1.8 Empty Legends of the Void v1.4-1.8

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:36 am

Button Description Updates
Hotkey fixed for Crushing Grip (Phase Zealot)
Fixed Ranged attack bugs on some abilities
Increased damage radius of Gravity Crush (Veteran Commando)
Fixed bug with Veteran Commando ranged attack
Removed Rush from Phase Zealot
Fixed Warp stone bug
Fixed Psionic Shift bug when stunned
Fixed bug where heroes take damage during Cutscene
Fixed bug with Crushing Grip not damaging mechanical
Fixed bug with Cosmic Eruption not hitting Training dummy and AoE damage
Fixed typo in Minds Eye behavior buff
Fixed typo with Time Warp tooltip
Fixed Elite Boss hunt Timers
Fixed Level 10 Acid Blast (not working)
Fixed Crashing Charge (damage with Strength)
Removed Auto-cast from Heal (Med Eng)
***Added Thors and Immortals for Hire at Creed ***
Added Intro Cutscene skip function**
All bosses have received an experience point boost**
Epic boss hunts are now worth 500% more experience

Fixed Energy kits bug
Some updates to Outpost Immortal and Thors
Player 3 now available

Bug fix for player 3 Cutscenes

Made some updates to all summoned units (damage and life/shields) for
Ash Templar, Medical Engineer, Dark hybrid and Phase Zealot

Made adjustments to enemy boss armor
Lowered Life/Shields of enemy structures

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