Legends of the Void (the new Deadlands RPG)

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Legends of the Void (the new Deadlands RPG) Empty Legends of the Void (the new Deadlands RPG)

Post by Demonicus on Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:21 am

Hey everyone,

If you have played Deadlands RPG: Valhalla and Hellfire please check out the new re-launch Legends of the Void available on America, Europe and Korean servers. Legends of the Void has more levels, better terrain, more items, more missions and less lag than the old Deadlands RPG map. Continue your quest to save the planet from 3 opposing factions and a mysterious evil force that lurks in the shadows. Don't forget to leave feedback on this site, reviews on the StarCraft II arcade. Thank you everyone for your help so far with bug feedback and other info. Tell your friends!


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