March 2016 Updates

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March 2016 Updates Empty March 2016 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:26 am

Lowered the damage on some enemies
Lowered damage reduction of all armor by 20%

**Improvements for better gameplay by increasing solo capability and making leveling easier
Decreased damage of most enemy units
Increased experience points from most enemy units
Added 9 more enemy unit types (1 new unit in each area)
Increased enemy respawn timer by 30 seconds
A few enemy unit rebalancing (due to high dmg)
Lowered life of Xel'naga Vault and Sensor Tower
Lowered life of Enemy Structures for each area
Lowered Cooldown of Warp stones
Fixed bug with Colossus walk animation
Some cutscene updates
Added Passive ability to Elite Ghost

Fixed new Hero Healthbar UI Bug
All Summoned units have life/armor/damage has been reduced
Fixed bug with Medical Engineer (Time Warp)

All missions are now automated (most will start automatically)
to make heroes take less trips back to base
Higher Tier equipment has went up in price
Added 2 higher healing items to Misc. Shop for endgame grinding
Increased healing item cooldowns

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