v2.02-2.04 Updates

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v2.02-2.04 Updates Empty v2.02-2.04 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:54 am

Fixed Crushing Vortex bug
Fixed a few wall issues
Changed Slither Scale Cloak icon
Expanded Hero Inventory Slots
Hero Equipment and Inventory can now be accessed by pressing
F5, F6, F7 and closed by pressing ESC
All Arena Boss Fights are now Repeatable
Fixed a few Arena PVP bugs
Fixed bug with Game Guide (some heroes)

Alot of Ability Description improvements
Some Cinematic Text changes
Other Text updates
Improved Summon Ash Archon (Ash Templar)
Improved Swarm Fury (Infested Marine)
Improved Draining Parasite (Swarm Queen)
Weakened Shadow Frenzy (Shadow Assassin)
Fixed Archons Attack Actor bug
Fixed all Collecting missions that bug when getting items too fast
Fixed some Mission Ping bugs
Enemy Damage has been readjusted and increased
Normal/Hard mode Damage Bonus is now 50%-100% (up from 25%-50%)
Normal/Hard Mode Life Bonus is now 75%-150% (up from 50%-100%)
Arena Timer changed to 2 minutes (was 3 mins)
Fixed Ancient Aberration Model Bug

Fixed some Boss Lag issues
Fixed Resource Sharing on exit
Enemy Boss Life has been increased
Thor damage has been reduced
Fixed Kill count for Med. Engineer
Draining Parasite no longer affects Massive units
Fixed Infested Marine (may still disappear)
New Improved Death and Respawn Triggers

Until I'm positive the bug is fixed, If any Hero Disappears on death
the game will now pan the camera to the bar and Select
the Mercenary Dealer to reload your Hero.

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