March 2018 updates

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March 2018 updates Empty March 2018 updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:55 am

Updated Predators - (now have Stealth mode)
Added Hellion Junker - (has Psytrous Oxide)
Critical damage no longer display decimals (fix)
Moved Ultralisk Structure in Acid Pits (couldnt attack)
Increased Cooldown of Implosion to 60 seconds (lowers each level)
Added Critical Damage visual (update)
Updated all Basic hero attack damage (remove decimals)
added Acid Weapon Enhancement to Engineer Creed
added Fire Weapon Enhancement to Engineer Creed
added Lightning Weapon Enhancement to Engineer Creed
Added TERRAZINE back as farming Resource*
Added Hardened Terrazine Cluster for Harvesting
Added new Zenorite, Thorium and Velorium ore deposits

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