April 2016 Updates

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April 2016 Updates Empty April 2016 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:17 am

**18 Level 22 Rare Items have been put in Sorrow Valley
**18 Level 27 Rare Items have been put in Lake of the Fallen One
(Enemy units, Boss and Base loot)
Small bug fixes to certain mission errors
Terrain and Environment updates to a few areas

A few Mission bugs have been fixed that broke NPC Chat
Most units have been reduced in size by 15%
Default Camera has been zoomed in a bit (To give terrain a bigger feel)
Game UI Frames have been removed for more vision of Terrain

Fixed bug with UI Health bar for Elite Ghost
Fixed Armor bug with Veteran Commando
Multiple Enemy Boss updates:
Talberon the Infinite (attack speed and dmg buff)
Dark Leviathan (damage debuff)
Rebel Mothership (damage debuff)
Omega Predator (attack speed buff)
Airis the Void Oracle (Psi storm dmg buff)
Reduced Cloak time for all Stealth Bosses
3 New EPIC Bosses added to Mercenary Officer Hunts
Veteran Commando (Defensive Matrix Field) Small armor decrease
Infested Marine (Bloody Fury) Small Health decrease

Added a new INFO and Help Menu for beginners

Added Boss Life Bar for fighting Epic Boss Hunts
Fixed bug with Agent Greenfever
Small Damage buff to Gorgonnozor and Agent Greenfever
Updated Attribute details (explains more of 1 attribute point does)
Small Increase to all Hero Energy

No more clicking the Mercenary dealer to load your heroes anymore.
Simply step into the Portal to return to the hero select screen (old way was confusing)

Updates to Cutscenes (intro and lake cutscenes)
Some terrain updates

Fixed bugs with new Cutscene updates
Some other minor bug updates

18 Rare Items (Dropped Loot) added to Acid Pits**

Updates to Arena Cam/Triggers
Updates to Base Assaults (added new units)
Added Treasure Goblin Spawns to game**
Warp Stones are now Ability Button for all heroes (no shop)**

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