January 2016 Updates

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January 2016 Updates Empty January 2016 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:45 am

**Fixed Missions and Area startup for beginning of game to
make Rogue Forest and missions to be the first to do instead of
Dead Wastelands due to complaints from some players**

Fixed bug with Medical Engineer (Time Warp)
Fixed bug with Veteran Commando (Defensive Mtrx Field)
Added small Movement Speed bonus to heroes
Added permanent status bars above heroes

Added Dialog box for NPC messages
Movement Speed debuffs now only work 1/2 on boss units
Fixed some bugs with certain slow hero abilities
Fixed bug with Advanced Sentry
Fixed bug with Shield Burst (Force Knight)

Some minor bug updates
Fixed bug with Assassin Frenzy (Shadow Assassin)

A few ability updates to most Hero Abilities
Some bug updates to Hero loading and Resource loading
Fixed some bugs with hero abilities
Fixed Shadow Assassin Bonus Strength
**Elite Ghost is now a playable Hero**

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