January 2015 updates

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January 2015 updates Empty January 2015 updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:32 am

Fixed Hero Ability Descriptions on 1st loading screen
Added some helpful info for loading
Updates to Enemy Boss abilities
Added some shop text tags
Fixed bug with Comic Eruption
Updated Mirror Phase
Fixed some Cinematic bugs with 1st cutscene
Nerfed damage from Enemy Thors (no more double damage)
Scaled summoned units life down some
Veteran Commando can no longer be stunned during Defensive Matrix Field
Force Knight can no longer be stunned during Psionic Shift

** Happy New Years Everyone! Thank you for all your feedback so far. Bare with me
as I continue to shape this world to your liking. So much more to come! More
Items and extra missions will come after a few more bug fixes. Until then, May Talberon
watch over you! **

Added some Terrain Updates
Added Required Level Info on all Items
Fixed bug with Noxious Creep affecting summoned units (Dark Hybrid)
Fixed bug with Transfusion tooltip (Dark Hybrid)
Added more info to Game guide

Minor updates
Fixed bug with Predator transport

12 new items added to the Advanced Arms Merchant in the middle of the Outpost
Updated Advanced Arms Merchant menu
Some looted/found items have increased stats

All Missions now give bonus EXP for completing
Fixed hotkey for Crushing Grip

11 New Missions Added to the game***
Some Terrain updates
Mercenary Elite Boss hunts now cost resources
Increased Kill resources for last 3 areas
Added a Shield/Life Regen rate to Outpost Thor/Immortal

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