October 2015 Updates

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October 2015 Updates Empty October 2015 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:40 am

Fixed stat bug with Phase Zealot Level 5
Fixed bug with Plasma Blast Impact model
Some new Terrain updates
**Shadow Assassin is now a playable hero

Minor updates to Game guide info
Some minor bug fixes with Shadow Assassin
Fixed Passive ability for Shadow Assassin

Added fix to help with Hero Reselect Portal
(If trouble entering hero reselect portal aim a little above it)

Map is currently experiencing issues with Cursor and targetting system
for most abilities after patch 3.0 was released.
We are currently awaiting a response from Blizzard or hopefully a hotfix
to eliminate this problem.
Other maps in the arcade are having the same issues.
Please save reviews and rating until after the problem is eliminated

A fix has been put in for the cursor out of sync bug and
the abilities not working on other units
Other minor bugs may still occur but the game should now
be playable

Fixed some actor models with abilities
Fixed some cutscenes that are out of alignment
Fixed bug with shops (not being able to sell items)
Reduced prepare time on all abilities
Fixed a bug with waypoint saves

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