January 2018 updates

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January 2018 updates Empty January 2018 updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:47 am

LEVEL CAP increased to 75 to make way for future content
Legendary gear and Mastered Abilities coming soon
Experience required for levels 35-75 has been reduced for faster leveling

*Hard Mode will be reconfigured to be more challenging and will be required
to run for Legendary drops.**

Increased Movement Speed of all Heroes
All Boss Life and Shield regen has been increased when out of combat
Updated Camera angles for Default Camera

Hero Ability hotkeys have been updated
**New Loot Recycle system now working*
(Items disappear after 1:30 seconds if not picked up)
Picking items up remove the flag
Fixed  bug with Elite Ghost cloak (not working)

**Hard Mode Difficulty has been increased**

All Ability buttons have been updated for every Hero*
Cleaned up some Triggers and Ability info*
Moved ELITE GEAR MERCHANT back to Acid Pits area (on hilltop)*
Updated SHOP ITEMS to make easier to find correct gear*
All Weapons updated 25% damage attribute buff (some greater)*

Added new MASTER ability levels to some abilities--
(MASTER Level Increases ability damage by 500)
Ash templar - Psionic Storm (Level 6)
Advanced Marine - Dark Fusion Charge (Level 6)
Dark Hybrid - Dark Consumption (Level 6)
Elite Ghost - Nuclear Bombardment (Level 6)
Force Knight - Psionic Shift (Level 6)
Infested Marine - Crashing Charge (Level 6)
Medical Engineer - Kinetic Rip (Level 6)
Phase Zealot - Cosmic Eruption (Level 6)
Shadow Assassin - Nether Shock (Level 6)
Swarm Queen - Shadow Blast (Level 6)
Veteran Commando - Gravity Crush (Level 6)

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