v2.14-2.17 updates

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v2.14-2.17 updates Empty v2.14-2.17 updates

Post by Demonicus on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:43 am


Warp Pylons now aquired by level
Added some new Warp Pylons
More Terrain Updates
New Epic Boss Locations
Epic Boss no longer cost resources to fight
but you must have access to the areas.
Warp Stone cooldown decreased to 60 seconds
Updated Abilities:
Yamato Blaster (Veteran Commando)
Dark Plasma Grenade (Veteran Commando)
Dark Energy Blast (Swarm Queen)
Plasma Blast (Shadow Assassin)
Consume Power (Phase Zealot)
Acid Blast (Infested Marine)
Disintegrate (Infested Marine)
Phantom Blast (Dark Hybrid)
Dark Consumption (Dark Hybrid)
Bio Plasmid Discharge (Ancient Aberration)
Acid Nova (Ancient Aberration)
Toss Grenade (Advanced Marine)
Experiemental Plasma Gun (Advanced Marine)


Updated Abilities:
Swarm Fury (Infested Marine)
Defense Matrix Field (Veteran Commando)
Some Terrain Updates
Fixed Bug with Phase Zealot
Fixed Ending Bug
Fixed bug on Instructor Worrgrim
Fixed bug on Dark Hybrid stats
Lowered damage on Kazzoth the Dark Hybrid
Increased attack speed on Instructor Worrgrim


Fixed ending cutscene
Some Terrain Updates
Lowered Attack Speed of Dark Leviathan and Rebel Mothership
Fixed Swarm Fury on Khilatik and Droolum
Fixed movement bug with Kilroxx
Arena Master now gives Honor Tokens when defeated


Same as v2.16, forgot to change some last minute stuff

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