v2.05-2.08 Updates

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v2.05-2.08 Updates Empty v2.05-2.08 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:17 am

New UI Hero Health Bars
Added Warp Stone Slot to Quickbar
Added 2 Misc Item Slots to Quickbar
Fixed Swarm Fury (Infested Marine)
The last 3 Arena Bosses have been buffed
Honor tokens drop from the last 3 Arena Bosses
All Honor Token items cost increased to 25
Arena Master now sells Arena Accessory Rewards

Fixed Player 3, 4 Health bars
Fixed Void Prison on Magazar
Fixed Dark Consumption on Kazzoth
Increased Normal Difficulty Enemy Life by 25%
Increased Hard Difficulty Enemy Life by 50%
Increased Honor Token Prices to 50

Increased Healing Rate of Dr. Osbourne
Improved Save System

Fixed some issues with new Honor Token Gear
Increased Shop Share Radius by 1

Updated the Save System due to some Equipment Loss issues from players
Hope this will make it more stable..

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