v1.39-1.41 Updates

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v1.39-1.41 Updates Empty v1.39-1.41 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:53 am


Fixed disappearing Hotkeys in-game
(Disabling Simple Command Card helps also, but I disabled within game)

Fixed cooldown for Ash Templars Recharge
Fixed many typos on gear

Terrazine Disabled for now -
New Custom Resource (Honor Tokens)
used to purchase the Legendary items
(Terrazine is broken on HOTS for some reason, will try to bring back when fixed.)


Some Terrain Updates
Fixed Ash Templar Recharge
Melee Units can now attack Flying Units
All missions now in proper order
3 New Missions Added
Other Misc Bug Fixes


Lowered Camera Distance to reduce lag
Enemies and Bosses attack speed reduced to 1.25-1.5
Heroes attack speed raised from 1.0 to 1.25
Hero Starting Attack damage increased to 50 from 40
All Enemies damage has been lowered
Removed attribute points from normal enemies
Some Enemies life lowered for balance
Lowered Experience points for all enemies
Increased Armor of all Enemy Bosses
Added better pings for all Missions

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