v2.11-2.13 Updates

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v2.11-2.13 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:27 am

Fixed bug on Infested Marine (Swarm Fury)
**Improved Reselection Portal
**Fixed bug with Hero House save/load
Added Hero House Temporary Inventory (DOES NOT SAVE)
**Useful for transferring items to another hero without dropping
in a multiplayer game.
Increased Damage of Elite Ghost Abilities:
Ion Sniper Shot
Cloaked Spider Mines
Nuclear Strike

Updates to Hero House
Updates to Reselection Portal
Updates to Elite Arms Merchant
More Accurate Save/Loading Triggers
**Some Items have been moved around and combined for space
**Quickslot buttons disabled due to bugs
Arena Master now sells all Legendary items


Updated Swarm Fury (Infested Marine)
Updated Shield Burst (Force Knight)
Updated Defensive Shield Matrix (Veteran Commando)
Fixed bug on Temple Mission 4
Fixed bug on Temple Mission 7
Fixed bug with New Player Ui Bar
Improved some Camera angles

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