July 2018 updates

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July 2018 updates Empty July 2018 updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:57 am

All Weapon Enhancements now Save on each Hero
Updated some Missions to not start automatically (Base attacks)
Healing items no longer stack beyond 3 and shares cooldown
Added +12 more Inventory slots to all heroes
All Cloak and Necklace gear is now considered Accessories
Cloak and Neck slots have changed to +2 Accessory slots

Most Hero Attack Abilities have been balanced
Increased coolldown and energy cost for ultimate Abilities
Fixed bug with Mindless Aberration not attacking
Fixed bug with Hellbat Captain not detecting stealth
Some damage balancing on enemy units/bosses
All Bosses received 25% armor buff
All Hero equipment armor has been doubled for (PVP capability)
All Enemy damage has been increased by 25% to compensate


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