February 2018 updates

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February 2018 updates Empty February 2018 updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:50 am

Ancient Aberration Class - Now playable (more adjustments coming)
All Enemy Boss Stun abilities can now be dodged
Adjustments to Game camera angle (Less game lag)
Updates to all hero life/energy/shield bars (position above hero)
Warp Stone Key now assigned to T
Increased Hero Sight Radius on all Heroes

Hero loading and saving triggers have been updated to prevent hero loss
Most ability button info has been updated to show proper damage per level
Some ablity bug fixes

Some Terrain updates and changes
More Camera updates and adjustments to certain areas
Camera updates when hero death occurs

Doubled the stats on Eye of Infinity (more may come)
Made enemy units selectable too see their stats
New Hero Mastery buffs (1-3 levels)
Every 500 kills your hero has he will gain 50 bonus damage
(more to come)

Fixed some UI health bar bugs
Fixed ability buttons on Dark Hybrid
Updated some player difficulty triggers for more players
4th player enabled**

Updates to difficulty per Player (triggers)
(more enemies during invasions if 3 players or more)
(all enemy and boss difficulty will increase per player amount)
Fixed bug with Dark Hybrid (Dark Consumption)
Added descriptions on Hero Mastery buttons
some ui and other updates

*New improved Character Selection Screen added*
You can now see what other players are choosing.
Changed 4 Hero unit models for: Shadow Assassin, Force Knight,
Advanced Marine and Veteran Commando.
Updated Model for Airis in Arena
Some Hero Models have been changed (model size)

Bug fixes for new Hero Select Screen
Some changes to a few Arena Bosses
Updates to some new Hero models/info

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