November 2015 Updates

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November 2015 Updates Empty November 2015 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:43 am

Added some new Model updates to Game (Heroes, NPCs, Bosses)
Added Shadow Blade to Force Knight
Fixed UI Health Bars
Rare Loot Added to Dead Wasteland Area (drops from enemy units, boss and structure)
Some minor bug fixes

New Rare drops in Evergreen Forest (enemy units, Boss and structure)

Minor updates to some abilities
Abilities now learned every other level instead of every level
(This is to keep abilities from becoming too OP in early levels)
some bug fixes with certain hero abilities
Fixed health bar bug with new heroes

Added new Rare Loot drops for Ash Desert (Enemy units, Boss and Structure)

Fixed bugs with P3 Health bar and Shadow Assassin loading
Fixed bugs with P2 and P3 Health bars
Updated lobby info
Adjustments to movement speed and attack speeds for all heroes


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