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Post by Demonicus on Tue May 20, 2014 9:11 pm

Name: Deadlands RPG: Valhalla
Genre: RPG
Suggested Players: 2-4 (Solo mode available)
Game Link: starcraft://map/1/111831

Story Info: After a large zerg invasion, many nuclear bombs were dropped in an attempt to cleanse the planet. The survivors of the war gathered together in an abandoned outpost to rebuild and restore law and order to the lands. Hostile Factions known as the Bloodstorm Rogues and the Tal'darim Rebels attack the outpost in hopes of eliminating Captain Reznor, the leader of the Outpost. Your ship is attacked by a rogue fleet and has crashed near the outpost. A rescue team finds you at the crash site and brings you to the medical lab. After your hero recovers from the wreck, they awaken at the outpost only to find themselves in the middle of a forgotten warzone.

Other Info: This is a 4 player team RPG. There are multiple areas to play through. All enemy and enemy bosses have loot and droprates. The Level cap is 30. I'm still learning as I go but for now i just need some help with feedback and bugs any info will be a great help! BUY/SELL items at the outpost shop. There is a pvp mode that can be toggled. A quest system that leads you through multiple bosses that have unique gear. Save/Load function available.

Choose between 12 heroes to survive the war against the Bloodstorm Rogues, the Tal'darim Rebels and the Brutal Swarm. Each race has 4 heroes, a tank, a healer and 2 DPS. Together your party will fight through enemy armies and their bosses, and defend against the deadly assaults against the Outpost.

Each enemy faction has 4 bosses, and an enemy structure hidden in their zone. All bosses and enemy structures have 2-4+ items that they have a chance of dropping upon death.
Challenge legendary opponents inside of the Arena to prove your worth and receive some helpful items. The arena has 4 bosses per race and you can even challenge the Arena Master.

Heroes automatically save and you can reselect a different hero inside of the bar, allowing you to play and save all heroes.

4-Player Hero RPG,
Single Player Mode Available,
Maximum Level: 30,
12 Heroes To Choose From,
180+ Equippable Items
Save Your Heroes,
Defend The Outpost,
Defeat all bosses,
Survive the Deadlands

HOTS Required to Play

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