Update v2.23-2.25

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Update v2.23-2.25 Empty Update v2.23-2.25

Post by Demonicus on Tue May 20, 2014 8:57 pm

Fixed bug with Malachi Missions
Updated new abilities
Updated all Enemy Bosses (Damage decreased and Armor Increased)

Decreased Dark Hybrid size no longer gets stuck
Fixed Mass Summon bug
Fixed Blinding Cloud bug Shadow Lurkers are now immune
Fixed bug with Artifact Mission locking missions up
Magazar armor increased to 500
Dark Force Pendant are now Terran only

Nuclear Bombardment Range reduced by 2
Removed Normal/Hard Difficulty Enemy Movement Speed Bonus
Dr. Osbourne now heals more at Level 20 and 30.
Equipment Behavior Icons are now hidden
Camera stays locked in Arena during battles
Fallen players will respawn in Arena
All Enemy detection radius increased to 11
All Enemy movement speed set to 4

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