Update v2.21-2.22

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Update  v2.21-2.22 Empty Update v2.21-2.22

Post by Demonicus on Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:34 am

New Abilities added:
Protoss: Mass Summon, Cosmic Eruption, Force Leap, Nether Shock
Terran: Nuclear Bombardment, Radiated Blast, Dark Fusion Charge, Time Warp
Zerg: Shadow Blast, Venom Spit, Dark Grip, Blinding Cloud

Fixed bug with Xel'naga Mind Crystal mission.
Camera Unlock/Lock command changed to [Scroll Lock]
Missions from Captain Reznor will be automatic after first mission
Removal of some small cutscenes
Added 5 minute timer before enemy assaults on the outpost
Alot of Ability Damage balancing

Fixed bugs with Eastern Ash Desert Missions
Fixed bug with Hard Difficulty

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