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Upcoming Abilities! Empty Upcoming Abilities!

Post by Demonicus on Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:22 pm

Greetings fellow Deadlanders!

Just thought I would show you a list of the new abilities coming to the heroes. Should be put in within a couple days and tweaked over the next week or so.

New Abilities:

Protoss Abilities:
Mass Summon - (Ash Templar)
Cosmic Eruption - (Phase Zealot)
Force Leap - (Force Knight)
Nether Shock - (Shadow Assassin)

Terran Abilities:
Nuclear Bombardment - (Elite Ghost)
Radiated Blast - (Veteran Commando)
Dark Fusion Charge - (Advanced Marine)
Time Warp - (Medical Engineer)

Zerg Abilities:
Shadow Blast - (Swarm Queen)
Dark Grip - (Infested Marine)
Venom Spit - (Ancient Aberration)
Blinding Cloud - (Dark Hybrid)

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