Few more Screeshots.

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Few more Screeshots.

Post by Kimzark on Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:04 pm

One awsome Dark Templar with his double scyth.

Have you ever wanted to play with Maar? Check next Screenshot.

Fear the Queen of the Swarm! Kerrigan at her best.

Rather be a terran ghost with poketnukes?

How about some action skills? Let's check a few.

Dark Templar can cloak himself and use the perfect speed damage aura.

The Fury of the swarm is unleashed by kerrigan.

Remember when i spoke about a pocketnuke?

Don't Worry... you and your friends are have nukeimmunity ;D

These were a few cool pic from the game. Thank you for playing and don't forget to tell and play with your friends!

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