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v1.36-1.38 Updates Empty v1.36-1.38 Updates

Post by Demonicus on Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:06 am

This update fixed alot of trigger related bugs that was caused by the HOTS updates.

Created a WARNING menu for when starting a New Hero (No more accidental deletion)
Heroes must now left-click Captain Reznor within range to start Missions
Mission Triggers for Captain Reznor fixed

Fixed 1st Rogue Assault Wave
Fixed More Shop Items
Fixed Minimap Ping for (Xel'naga Vault) Mission
Fixed Hard Mode Experience Bonus
Modified (Destroy the Rebel Gateway) Mission

Changed Captain Reznor objectives trigger
You no longer have to left-click reznor, you can just walk up to him for a mission.

Area names show in Debug Area
Area Names are no longer blocking the Objectives.

Updated Hero Models:
Advanced Marine
Swarm Queen
Updated Many Enemy Models
Put in alot of HOTS models.

Phase Zealot now has Crushing Grip
Medical Engineer Heal is now instant
Ash Templar Recharge is now instant
All 3 classes now utilize all skill points.

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