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Post by Kimzark on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:28 pm

Hi, after playing a considerable amount of time in deadlands map, and noticing there alot of new people playing this game, i decided it was the time to make the very first Deadlands RPG guide.
So... since this a Begginers Guide ill start explaining some of the map most important info.

- When you start you will be able to choose 1 of 3 diferent dificulties (Easy,Medium,Hard). What are the main diferences between these dificulties? Well monsters and bosses will have more HP and attack damage. But what about the rewards? Monsters and Bosses will give you plenty more experience and drop alot more loot (it doesn't improve the loot quality... only quantity). Quest rewards will also improve by the dificulty you choose (you receive more minerals/gas/Honor tokens).

- After the dificulty has been choosed, you can now select your hero! there are 12 heros.... 4 of each race (1 Tank, 2 DPS, 1 Medic). Just press next/previous buttons to move along the hero you wanna see/use. Dont worry by picking 1 hero, you can ingame change your hero and you wont lose any kind of items since they'll be saved (each hero have their own bag/exp bar so keep in mind if you change your hero it will be level 1 and you have to lvl it again... unless you played more than once and you can load a character already with higher level. Also the items in 1 hero bag wont appear on other hero bag. So if you wanna change items from heroes, i suggest to take 1 solo game, drop the items on the floor, change hero and pick them up on the other hero... or duo with a friend and ask him to get the items for you while you change hero).

- Finally you can start playing the game! Here you will notice you appear in a big base with tons of NPCs, so lets just introduce them.
*Captain Reznor (Marauder) - This is the main NPC. He is the 1st of 3 NPC that can give you quests to proceed the game, and you need to protect him from waves of monsters who want to kill him. If he dies is Game Over!
*Dr. Osbourne (Medic) - This NPC will give you a temporary buff that will increase your healing speed when you approach him (NOTE: This healing buff does NOT act while in combat!), and you can just stay near him for all the time you want to fully recover you Shield/HP/Energy.
*Chief Engeneer Creed (Firebat) - This NPC allows you to use some money to buy extra base defenses (2 immortals and 2 thors) for 5000 minerals and 2500 vespane. This is specially usefull if you are soloing the game. If you are in party... they're not that needed in my opinion.
*Outpost Officer (Marauder inside Science Facility) - This is the 2nd of 3 NPC that can give you quests to proceed the game. Check it from time to time for new quests.
*Outpost Templar (High Templar inside Protoss Temple) - This is the 3rd of 3 NPC that can give you quests to proceed the game.
*Mercenary Officer (Marauder inside Outpost Bar) - In this NPC you can summon 3 big and strong optional bosses to kill... for 5000 minerals and 2500 vespane EACH. A predator, a mothership and a leviathan (they drop max lvl equipment)
*Mercenary Dealer (Tosh unit inside Outpost Bar) - In this NPC you can save your hero and repick another one... just step into the beacon next to him, then press him, and choose the Player (1,2,3,4) to go to character selection.
*Arena Master (Preserver inside Outpost Arena) - Your "Sensei" that can summon preety powerfull bosses for some extra loot that you cannot find in normal monsters drop. You can actually Duel the arena master... but i suggest you dont do it before you're actually ready for it (and by ready i mean max level and get decent gear, with alot of hit and run). Ill add more details later on how to defeat him.
*Outpost Training Dummy ("Little" Robot inside Outpost Arena) - This is... a dummy. Just like the name says. He wont attack you and he have plenty of HP. He is there only for you to practice your skills and watch your current power damage. If you kill him, he will respaw again at full HP.
*Player House (top right of the base... they're Supply Depots) - They're meant to be a faster way to save and load a new char instead of going to the bar. Just walk into your color supply depot and do same thing has in the Mercenary Dealer.
*Warp Pylons - They're meant to be a fast way to travel inside the map. You need to buy a Warp Stone at merchants (1000 minerlas and 500 gas) to use them. NOTE: Warp Stones have 90 seconds cooldown... so i suggest you buy 2-3 stones so you can keep teleporting while they're still in cooldown.
*Elite Arms Merchant (Reaper inside Eastern Ash Desert... Lvl 20+ area) - Your always friendly reaper have some cool items for you... lv 20 gear and 1 weapon+armor for engame players (you cant drop them on bosses and they're stronguer than all the rest) so make sure you find his camp when you see alot Stone Zealots...

- Now that you know the NPCs and you have your hero ready to action... what can you do? Lets start the guide!

Some notes before we start playing:

* You will get minerals/gas for every kill (not shared).
* Experience will be shared ONLY if you are close enough to the person who killed the monster (so you cant ask a lv 30 friend to level you up while you stay getting sunbaths at base).
* Items will drop when you kill monsters... they're quite small and sometimes they get hidden for trees... i suggest you keep pressing ALT key to see their "HP" bar. They will go into your inventory (which you can open by pressing the buttons near the Help/Friends/Menu buttons. Or by pressing 1,2,3 on your Numpad) you can equip them by left-click on them and put them on the correct spot. Sell them by CTRL+Right click on the item.
* Also about the items... And here comes some logic... You kill a Terran unit... you get Terran equipments. You kill a protoss unit... you get protoss equipment (same happens to bosses and buildings).
* If you die by acident (OOPS i forgot to check the screen while texting girlfriend or something like this) dont worry, you wont lose anything and you will respaw at base 10 seconds later... right next to healer (so you can recover full HP).

Now where were we? ohh right the guide...

*Since you're level 1... monster will take alot of time to die... so... since the creator is your friend and gives you 1500 minerals and 750 gas at the start... i suggest you step in the Outpost shop beacon and grab 3 items for your character. (NOTE: there are 5 NPC there... the top 3 sell things of for their RACE! so pick the NPC from the same race as you! or you will be unable to equip the stuff you just bought. The bottom left sells acessories... you can get 4 diferent acessories... but leave them for last. finally the bottom right one sells "potions"... which you do not need at earlly levels).

*Now that you are equiped and "super strong" press G and it will open your skills bar. Make sure you use the skill point every time you level up (at level 30 you will get enough points to unlock all skills at their maximum power, so dont worry if you picked a wrong skill or if you didnt want to upgrade that skill).

*You have equipments... you have skills... what to do? Well my suggestion is... before doing quests... go grab a few level ups by grinding at Pygalisk Grounds - L1 - L10 (south from base... pass the bridge and you will see tiny ultralisks... slay them all! leave none alive! ^^
NOTE: If you are soloing i suggest level 10. If you are in party, you might wanna get lv 6 at least.

*Wow... checked your money amount??? time for a few more shopping! Grab the rest of your equipment (get lv 10 equipment if you reached that level)... and if you have extra money, buy 4 diferent acessories (NOTE: some acessories are race based... so carefull at buying them).

*Ok time to start doing quests. Check for the ? on the NPCs head. That will mean the NPC have a quest. Just aproach it to interact and start the quest. It will tell you what to do, and ping it on the mini-map. The initial quests are... super dupper easy. Only because its your first quests and we didnt want you to die right over there... right?

*From now on you will see that most of the quests are: Defend base from invasion, go kill the enemy boss that is sending the waves, go destroy their buildings and colect this or that. Keep in mind quests will becoming harder and harder. So just go grind a little bit if you see you arent prepared enough for next quest. Also, dont expect to win the game easilly the very first time you play.

It is everything for now, i hope you have fun playing and that my guide has been helpfull.

P.S. For those who took their time reading the guide, here is my suggestion to start the game (This is only for those who want to SOLO the game).
- Pick Zealot (doesnt matter if you like zealots or not... just pick it if you want a good unit).
- Level it until lv 10 at start and get the maxium amount of equipments possible before start quest.
- Use most of the points in the Crushing Vortex Skill... and then start upping the Mirror Phase skill (you can also use 1 point on the other skills just to unlock them, but focus on these 2 first). Why? well vortex will almost 1 shot earlly units... and the phases will increase your damage by alot... when at the same time make you take no damage at all since all monster/bosses will attack the phases 1st.
- Now how to fight bosses with zealot while soloing? Use vortex and while they're trapped inside, run next to them (since most bosses are ranged)... right after they come out of vortex use the Mirror Phase (followed by Consume Power and Crushing Grip). When Phases are almost over (run out of summon time) just run away from boss if you see you cant kill him in 2-3 normal attacks and wait for the CD to over and repeat.

This being said, have fun and dont forget to show the game to your friends! Very Happy

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Beginners Guide Empty Re: Beginners Guide

Post by Kimzark on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:57 am

Ill try to maintain Guide updated acording with game updates too... dont forget to give me your feedbck about my guide (like helpfull, could change this, or add that)


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